Infinite Equinox

by No Man's Land

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Peter Jones
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Peter Jones Wow.

All the tracks here have a great feel, with the two main ones really having wonderful yet distinct atmospheres.

The first is mesmeric - hypnagogic even - with a subtly beautiful sound. (I'd almost recommend not playing it whilst driving!) The interval brings you back to focus, short and effective.

It's the last track that's the real deal though. Wandering through several parts of the psychedelic musical genre, including The Incredible String Band, it's captivating. Favorite track: O.


released July 25, 2016


Bas (Vassilis Athanassiades): vocals, guitar, Korg Monotron
Silver (Chris Triantafillopoulos): drums
Neta (Nick Petavrides): bass
Manitou (Stavros Eleftheriou): percussion
Gkion (George Sirganides): keyboards, flute

Conceived, executed & produced by No Man’s Land

Music by No Man’s Land, lyrics by Bas

Recorded at MooD Studio, Athens, GR by Kostas Anagnostopoulos

Engineered & mixed by Panagiotis Davelos & Kostas Anagnostopoulos

Cover by Neta

Photos by Kostas Kallipolitis

Layout by Panos Kontoulis



all rights reserved


No Man's Land Athens, Greece

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Track Name: I
i. An appearance of life

What you have discovered is already there,
you realize, as you finger your strange new appendages.

Sound bites and snippets. a life made up;
a profile, a proof, an avatar.

Two screens conversing until the power runs out,
until the words make no sense anymore.

I used to know what it meant, I used to know what it meant,
I used to know what it meant,
but now I can’t remember.

Two screens conversing, hundreds looking on.
Thousands listening in.

But the content is unknown, the message is forgotten.
Sounds, lights, fading.

And what we discover is already there,
already threadbare.

ii. Areola

Oh, to soar on the infinite plains, to drink from marvelous fountains,
to swim in eternal, ever-changing oceans of gold and shimmering light.

The sun is a cradle, combustion is life, renewal and spindrift and haze.
We dance to the song of almighty gravity, we whistle to the illusion of time.

Wingships that sail the vast reaches of space, unfolding their fiery tongues;
it’s not cold and empty, it’s not dark and scared, it’s no void at all.

It’s not cold and empty, it’s not dark and scared, it’s no void at all.
Track Name: O
i. Where are they now?

Where are they now, the ones we never knew, the rats in the walls, the dead drunks in the pubs?

Gone for good, vanished like ghosts with aching bladders just before the dawn, and never a word, and never a promise.

Gone, gone back, because here be monsters, excommunicated, incommunicado, but powerful still.

Where are they now, the ones we used to dream of, in foreign languages, on foreign shores, pointing the ways to Ithacas and crookedly smiling?

Swallowed, digested, turned inside out to crushed olive pits, gone with the ravens, gone with the bears, out the windows, down the roads, away from the bright and semi-bright apartments, into the night, into the sewers, out the other side.

And left here, alone at last, we look back and we look forward and what do we see?

Props are props and rivers are rivers, we have to change our lives, we have to change our patterns, but there’s always time to think it over one more time, until next time and the next and the next, until there’s no more time left, but, wait a minute, time does not exist, there is no time, there is no time, and so, finally, that too is taken care of.

ii. Equinox

Slow water
cushioning our footsteps -
phantom pain.

Empty boats,
windy shores,
turn around

to the cries
of the seabirds -
Freudian slip.

Friendly skies,
soft grey sighs,
stay awhile.